The gullfaks field — “Interest in this acreage was very high, and it had been nicknamed the Golden Block before being awarded”

I’m confident that the fossil fuel industry is the only powerful industry in the world that has convinced nearly everybody of their own powerlessness.

They are not powerless. Companies that sell fossil fuels are very good at influencing demand for their product. …

“The oil well at Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra, is considered to be the origin of the Royal Dutch Shell” — source

Recently, I wrote at LobbyWatch about how the gargantuan global oil and gas company Shell has been pivoting into an exhausting new way of defending its fossil fuel business. This, I described, is the Shell game — a pea and thimble trick to distract us.

The heart of the problem…

Ketan Joshi

Anecdata analysis, research, writing, caffeine. Science, tech and data communications professional in Sydney.

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